Freddie Lee

Senior Environment Artist




Artistic: strong compositional skills, architectural knowledge for world building, ink line illustration

Technical: Max 2014 , Maya 2012, Photoshop CS, ZBrush, Unity, various proprietary game engines and related tools; currently learning Substance Designer and Painter,  Houdini, and UE4

Management:  self management,  team management, pipeline organization, process oriented, documentation, scheduling, mentoring



Hangar13 Games ( 2/15 – Present)

Senior Level Architect:

Mafia III (PS4,XboxOne,PC):

  • Owner of second largest district in game’s city, where I modeled terrain, and oversaw other artists who helped me take the district to alpha.
  • Hand modeled natural and urban terrain under tight schedule, often from my own research, 3D concepting via zbrush, and self direction.
  • Responsible for modeling and prepping unique buildings (for outsourcing) for my district, and helped out with building assets for other districts.
  • Prepared building assets for LOD’ing, collision building, Enlighten modeling, and proper gameplay metrics.
  • Set dressed terrain using existing assets, collaborating with design to balance gameplay needs, while allowing for visual composition, environment storytelling and player path clarity.  
  • Provided tasking, scheduling, and general support to onsite, offsite and outsource artists who were helping me complete the district terrain.
  • Created and maintained asset tracking with Excel.

Doublefine Productions, Inc. (5/08 – 1/15)

Lead Artist:

Costume Quest 2 (Multiple Platforms):

  • Created and built environments for the entire game under challenging nine month development cycle
  • Worked closely with project lead for art direction and level layout.
  • Mentored junior world artist and oversaw materials artist’s pipeline.
  • Took on additional lighting and environment climate/weather setting duties late in project.
  • Created environment art pipeline to facilitate quick level turnaraounds

Lead World Art:

Stacking (360/PS3/PC):

  • Developed and built environment and prop mesh (from white boxing to final art) for 3 levels based on concepts and practical in-game needs, focusing on “forensic” storytelling and level composition, all within tight turnaround schedule.
  • Balanced mesh fidelity with engine limitations and baked lighting requirements.
  • Scheduled and delegated work between myself and senior artist for duration; managed additional artist during post alpha work.

Senior Environment Art:

Brutal Legend (360/PS3):

  • Ownership over two areas in open-world game, using proprietary tools to sculpt terrain and paint down terrain materials.
  • Created modular assets for quick set dressing of my assigned areas.
  • Managed internal and external artists aiding me in completing those areas.

CrystalDynamics, Inc (11/01 – 04/08)

Art Director/Lead Environment Artist/Senior Environment Artist:

Unannounced Xbox 360/PS3 Project:

  • Joined project as Lead Environment Artist; promoted to Art Director in November of same year
  • Set up level asset metrics, organization, and process documentation.
  • Worked with art director to develop ‘forensic” storytelling via environment layout and composition
  • Coordinated scheduling, task dependencies, and workflow between art and design.
  • Mentored new hires; coordinated and worked with outsource artists, and additionally facilitated and maintained outsource workflow.
  • Worked with tech team for continued tools improvement.
  • Collaborated with studio art director on character fidelity improvements.
  • Established final lighting and visual composition for the demo.

Senior Environment Artist:

Tomb Raider Legend (PS2/Xbox/Xbox360):

  • Built assets, set dressed, and lit the first level, a training area, in game.

Senior Environment Artist:

Project: Snowblind (PS2/Xbox):

  • Owned (modeling and some texturing) two single player levels and two multiplayer levels, focusing on composition and props placement to add depth to gameplay and story.
  • Designed and created many architectural components for instancing.
  • Collaborated with design for final level layout using those components.
  • Used ray tracing for lighting the levels.

Senior Environment Artist:

Whiplash (PS2/Xbox):

  • Created and constructed the “Endurance” level from concept drawings to final art, building props used to populate the environment, and lighting the environment with focus on drawing the player’s eye through player path.

CrystalDynamics, Inc (12/96 – 07/00)

Environment Artist:

Soul Reaver (PS1):

  • Conceptualized, then built all of the level mesh and did all of the lighting for the Sunken Abbey, Raziel’s temple, Aluka Castle.
  • Collaborated with design to help them implement game improvement changes.
  • Helped develop pipeline to morph normal game play world into “spectral” world.


  • University of California, Berkeley, B.A. in Architecture

References available upon request.