About Me

Hi there!

I’m a veteran at making games, having started way back in the days of Playstation 1.  Currently I work at CloudChamber, part of 2K Games, acting as a Principal Environment Artist.

Having an architecture major background allowed me to dovetail into environment modeling, layout, and composition.   It has also provided me the foundation to be collaborate with my team mates, and be organized with my work process.

In addition to modeling, my experience now includes lighting and climate work, collaborating with game designers to meld necessary gameplay metrics with art, memory optimization, and  managerial skills when leading an art team.

You can visit my Instagram HERE  for my personal artwork, photos, and occasional guitar playing. 

For further information on my work experience, you can find it HERE, or email me at fredwl@hotmail.com or visit my linkedin page.


Freddie Lee